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60 vegetable capsules


Towards a Healthier Rejuvenated Looks! 

✔️Provides Anti-Oxidant Protection

✔️Promotes Detoxification

✔️Immune System Enhancer

✔️Skin Whitening Effect

What is L-Glutathione Plus Vit E?

Manufactured through a proprietary fermentation process from Japan, it is a powerful tripeptide consisting of three amino acids: glutamate, cysteine and glycine that protects and enhances the glutathione content of our body's cells, tissues, body fluids and organ systems thus leading to a rejuvenated health, fairer, radiant and flawless complexion. L-Glutathione is unique in the sense that in it's reduced state it is much effective in neutralizing free radicals.

Provides Anti-Oxidant Protection

L-Glutathione or GSH is known as the body’s “Master Anti-Oxidant” because it not only neutralize free radicals but it also helps to regenerate Vitamin E, the body’s important anti-oxidants and works synergistically to recycle other anti-oxidants to enhance each other effectiveness in our body.

Promotes Detoxification

Glutathione detoxify the body by binding to organic toxins, heavy metals, solvents and pesticides and helps the body to excrete these substances in either urine or bile. It’s high presence in the liver and kidney are responsible for the removal of toxic components.

Immune System Enhancer

The production of L-Glutathione decreases with age and free radicals tend to accumulate in the body cells causing accelerated aging and sickness. Supplementation with oral L-Glutathione has been shown to provide preventive and therapeutic advantage.

Skin Brightening Effect

L-Glutathione effectively helps in skin brightening by inhibiting tyrosinase activity resulting from modifying conversion of Eumelamin (brown/yellow/dark pigment) into phaeomelamin (red/white pigment). It’s has shown to lighten Melasma, freckles, post acne scars, dark underarms, age spots, dark eye circles, etc. 

Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant has been shown to neutralize free radicals in the body that causes cell and tissue damage. Improvements can be seen not only on your face but in your skin texture, color tone and radiance of your body.* Your doctor will recommend the appropriate dose for you depending on your physical condition.

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